Tips for calendar: Meeting overview, menu and congratulations

Calendar-posts can be used for many things; you can choose between different display-options, and in addition to this you can adjust it for your own use. Below are some tips for what you can use the calendar-post for.

  • Conference-room-calendar: Retrieve several conference-room-calendars in the same post, and you will get an overview over what is happening on that day or week. If you select 'replace tag with location for calendar' all events from a calendar will be marked with it happening in for instance the conference-room that calendar belongs to.
  • Menu in the cafeteria: Create a calendar where you write what is being served in the cafeteria, and select that location and time are to be hidden, and you will get a nice overview over what will be served today or the next days. If the serving lasts until for instance 3 pm, you can add that time in the calendar, and today's menu will be hidden after the serving of it is done.
  • Congratulations: The option "hide post when calendars are empty" enables you to display a calendar-post only on the days when there is something to display. If you register birthdays in a calendar, and select that they are to be repeated yearly, you get a great function which is easy to manage.

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