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PinToMind retrieves automatically "what's up" from Google, Outlook, iCloud and many more

ℹī¸ What is needed is for the calendar to be available as a subscription-calendar in ics-format, which Google, Outlook, iCloud and many more deliver. The calendar you want to display on the public screen, must also be available on the internet, either with open or hidden address (URL). The calendar must not be protected by username and password.

Events that have already happened, will automatically disappear from the screens, and new events will be brought in continuously.

The calendar-address you need to paste in to the field for "calendar-address" when you create the calendar post

Display several calendars in the same post

Do you have a calendar for each conference-room? You can merge several calendars in the same calendar-post, and in that way create a great overview of what is happening.

If you want to display several calendars in the same post, select  "Merge calendars" and paste multiple calendar addresses. You can also give each calendar a colour and tag, in order for it to be easy to see which calendar an event belongs to.

Display options for calendar

Under "Display-options" you can select to display future events, events today, schedule today or meetings today, sorted according to meeting room. You can also select the number of events to be displayed simultaneously in the calendar post, under "Limit amount".

We recommend previewing the post to see which display option works best for you.

Automatic and manual update

The calendar post is automatically updated approx. every 20 minutes, but if you have made changes to the calendar and want to send it directly to the calendar post, it is possible to click "Refresh now" at the bottom right of the page where you edit the calendar post.

How to find the .ics-address

ℹī¸ Below are guides for a few common calendar-systems. Setup may be different in installations; Contact your system administrator if you can not find the options described. What you need is the .ics-address for the calendar. Good luck! 😊


  1. Open your Google-account in a browser and go to the calendar.
  2. Select â‹Ž and Settings for the calendar you want to share.
  3. Copy the calendar address in iCal-format. The adress should end with .ics. 
  4. Paste the .ics-address in the field for calendar-address when you create a calendar post.

Tip: If the iCal code is hidden, it must be opened in your Google-calendar settings.

Outlook (Office 365)

Setup may differ in different versions, installations, or license types of Office. A tip is to see how it is done in your version, by searching for ICS on Outlook's own help pages.

  1. Open your Office365-account in a browser and go to the calendar.
  2. Select "Share Calendar" from the Calendar-folder in your Home-menu.
  3. Right-click on the calendar that you want to share and select "Sharing permissions".
  4. In the field "Send a sharing invitation in email", fill in an external e-mail-address to yourself, e.g. Gmail or iCloud. Select that you should be able to see all the details, and click "Share".
  5. When you receive the e-mail with the invitation, it will say at the bottom: "Having trouble viewing the calendar? Try adding an Internet calendar and providing this URL." Copy the address which is linked in this text. The adress should end with .ics. 
  6. Paste the .ics-address in the field for calendar-address when you create a calendar post.


  1. Open your iCloud-account in a browser and go to the calendar.
  2. Click on the sharing-icon to the right of the name for the calendar you want to display.
  3. Select "Public calendar" if this is not already selected.
  4. Copy the address by clicking "Copy link". 
  5. Paste the address in the field for calendar-address when you create a calendar post. If the address you paste starts with webcal://, you should change it to https://.

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