More display options for calendar

Normally these options are hidden, but you find them easily by clicking  "more display-options" when you create or edit a calendar-post.

  • Display 'Occupied' instead of name of event: Can for example be used if you want to display if a conference room is occupied or available - without wanting everyone to know what type of meetings are happening in the room.
  • Display notes for events: Used if you want to display additional information about the event, for instane who is the speaker.
  • Hide time: If the time is not relevant, for instance if you use the calendar-post to display tasks or a menu.
  • Hide clock for end-time: Not sure how long the meeting will last? Select that the time of the end of the meeting shall not be displayed.
  • Hide location: If there is a location in the calendar, but you do not want to display this - for instance if you have an own calendar for a conference-room and it is obvious that the events are happening in this room.
  • Replace location with label for calendar: If you merge several calendars in the same post, you can give each calendar its own name, and select this option, and it will be displayed that the event will happen there.
  • Hide post when calendars are empty: No point in displaying the calendar if there is nothing in it? If so, you can select that the post will be hidden when there are no events to display.

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