Text & image 💬🖼

The Text & image-post is one of our most popular posts. An image - and a few words - says a more than a thousand words! 😉

PinToMind Classic

This post type is at the top of the New post-menu.

Even after selecting one of the four categories, Plain Text, Left, Between, or Auto, you can select another category at the top of the editing page.


Left-, right- or centered text

You select text alignment in the top of the  text & image post. If the image is positioned over the text and does not have full width, the image will follow the same alignment as the text.

Text size

Adjust the text size easily with the bar between "A-" and "A+" in the menu. When you adjust the text size, the title- and message-text are both adjusted automatically, making sure they are relative to each other.

Bold, italic and table

In the tool-bar at the top of the post you can find various editing-options, like for instance bold text. Here you can also add a table or make a list.

Insert table, HTML, etc.

Right-clicking in the text field gives you the opportunity to insert a table, HTML, etc.

Emojis 😎

The most commonly used emojis, are found under the smiley on top. If you want more options, you can find an overview of emojis, and codes for these, here.


Position and crop

To include an image, you select one of the layouts that includes an image in the top of  the post. You can select for the image to be positioned left of the text or above the text. You decide if you want a square or full image. In both cases the title will be displayed above image and text.

You can also use the image post Auto, more information about Auto can be found further down.

Optional white frame

You can use transparent images (PNG). Default is a white background and frame behind the image. You can adjust this by placing the mouse on top of the area for the image.

Drag-and-drop from the start-page

If you use the browser  Chrome: When you are at the Start-page, where you see the list of posts, you can start a new post like this, by just dragging an image you want to publish into the browser. A new post will then be opened, and you can drop your image into its frame.

Paste from clipboard

Images that are in the clipboard, can be pasted in by selecting "paste", or shortcut ctrl + v. If you are working on a Mac the shortcut is   ⌘ + v. This can be used for images you copy from a webpage or from your own PC - and you can also use it to display a section of a spreadsheet.

Feel free to add  scheduling if it is a post that is only relevant for a certain time. 

Image description

If you wish to add an image description in the Text & Image-post, you can add a short description in the field for copyright.

Image post Auto

When using the Auto image post, all images get the same layout, regardless of their orientation. This contributes to a nice and seamless display on the screen, when several posts in succession get the same layout. 

Add extra information in PinToMind Go

Note that this is a post where you can add extra information under "read more" in the mobile app  PinToMind Go. Click on "+ EXTRA" and add text and/or link to more information. 

Select the screen(s) you want the post published on, and "save".

Poster with more options - use PDF

If you want to edit text and image according to your own wishes, with eg. other positioning of text and image, font, size of text, etc, we recommend creating this in another program, save as a PDF-file and then upload to PinToMind in the post-type Image/PDF/Poster.

Questions? Contact us at  support@pintomind.com!