Scheduling of posts 🕒

All posts can be scheduled; select one of the ready-made schedules, certain times and dates or set times that the post will be displayed. You can also create saved schedules, so that you and your colleagues can reuse the scheduling for other posts.

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Decide when a post will be displayed

When you create or edit a post, you decide which periods and/or times it is to be displayed. 

You can add one or more periods, defined by date and time.

You can also add certain days and times of the week that the post is to be displayed, for instance that the post is to be displayed every morning during the week. 

Save scheduling for it to be used on other post

We have created some predefined schedules, for instance "display only today". You can also make and save your own scheduling.

You can save your own schedules so that these will also be available as fast choices when you or your colleagues create posts in the future. Posts that use such schedules will be "tagged" with it in the list of posts on the start-page.

Display in multiple periods

To display the post during multiple periods, press "+ New Period" and add new dates. You can add new periods repeated times.

Scheduling across timezones

Scheduling is possible across timezones. The option to select timezone is only visible if there are screens and users in different timezones on the account.

Posts will be displayed at the same time for the time that you have selected for it to be displayed; if you eg. have selected for it to be displayed at 12 o'clock Stockholm-time (UTC+1), the post will be displayed from 11 o'clock in London-time (UTC+0).

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