View the information screen on your mobile

With the mobile app, PinToMind Go, you can follow the information screens in your mobile device! Bring PinToMind in your pocket - and receive push notifications when new information is published!

1. Find the sharing code for the screen you want to follow

In order to use PinToMind Go, you need a sharing code for the screen you want to subscribe to.

▶ Are you the administrator? Learn how to share a screen to PinToMind Go.

If you have not received a sharing code, please contact the person administrating the screen, and ask for the sharing code for subscribing to the screen in PinToMind Go. There can also be a post on the screen, informing about which sharing code to use.

You can test PinToMind Go by using the sharing code   demo1

2. Download the app "PinToMind Go"

The app is free, and is available for both Android and iOS.

(The app is called "Infoskjermen Go" in Norwegian.)

You can also display the content in a browser, by opening the address[sharing-code].

3. Enter the sharing code

Open the app on your mobile device, and enter the sharing code you have received.

If you want to subscribe to several screens in the mobile app, go to settings (⚙ or ⋮) in the upper left corner, and enter a new sharing code in the field under "Add screen". 

If you want to display the content in a browser, open the address[sharing-code].

4. Daily use

If you have entered several sharing codes, you can scroll between the screens: Go to the top of the content and hold the finger on the "screen" on top, then scroll to the right of the left. You need to be at the very top to be able to scroll between the screens.

The content is automatically updated when you open the app. You can also update by pressing the update-symbol (the circular arrow) in the upper right hand corner in the app, or you can hold, drag the finger downwards over the content and lift again.

To receive push-notifications when new information is published, you need to open for push-notifications from PinToMind Go in the settings on your mobile device. 

You can change the language of the app in settings (⚙ or ⋮) in the upper left corner. Scroll down to "Language". The app is available in English, Norweigan and Swedish. It is only the app that changes language - the language of the content is controlled by the administrators of the screens you follow.

In settings (⚙ or ⋮) in the upper left corner there is a possibility to log in. You should not log in for daily use of PinToMind Go. Log in is only used for administration of the content, if you should receive a user invitation from an administrator of the screens.


Contact us at if you have any questions! 😃