Video 🎞

Display your own videos on the information screen by uploading them directly in a Video-post. The video is uploaded, converted and downloaded on your screens.

πŸ’‘The video you upload can be maximum 1GB.

You can upload most video formats; 'mp4', 'mov','m4v','wmv' and 'avi'.

The video is converted and displayed in 1920x1080 (max 30fps) on the screen. 

Upload video in PinToMind Classic

  1. Go to "New post", select "Video" in the menu.
  2. Upload your video (max 1GB). Either by dragging the video in to the field, or by browsing through your files. 
  3. Select sound on or off. The sound settings in the post apply on the information screen. In the mobile app, PinToMind Go, users can control the sound as they wish.
  4. Publish the video by selecting the screen(s) that you wish to display the video on, and save the post.
  5. Once you have saved, wait for the video to be completed by us. The video will automatically be published to the screen when completed. 

Equipment and settings

❗️Video is a post type that requires a certain type of equipment to work. Therefore, video will not work on all types of equipment. Below is a list of equipment, which are compatible with the video solution. You will find information about the hardware we recommend using here.

Chrome, Windows and Android (eg. Sony BRAVIA Professionals Display)

Video is supported in both Google Chrome and Chrome App. This means that video works in the Chrome browser on eg. Windows, and via the PinToMind Player-app on devices with Chrome, Windows and Android. It does not require extra settings and the video plays well. A daily restart of the unit is required for the video solution to work optimally.

Samsung with SSSP and Tizen

Video is supported on Samsung SSSP4/SSSP5/SSSP6/SSSP10 screens. Video requires installation of the PinToMind Player-app, and that you do not use the built in browser with screen code to display the content from PinToMind. 

We are aware of a problem with playback on some of the Samsung screens, eg. that the screen skips the video-post. A solution to this problem could be an update of the screen software (firmware).

Because of technical limitations on some Samsung screens, the Video post and the YouTube post should not be used at the same time on the same screen. 

LG (webOS)

Video is supported on LG screens with webOS 6.0, or newer, with the PinToMind Player app installed.

If you find that the video does not display optimally on the LG, a solution may be to reduce the size of the video file. Video generally works better on Samsung with SSSP and Tizen than on LG.

No sound on Video?


  • Check that the sound is turned on, and volume is turned up, on the screen/device that displays the screen content.
  • Select Sound when creating or editing the Video-post.

Sound on video on Chrome device

  • Chrome OS WITH Chrome-upgrade: Video and YouTube posts appear with and without audio on Chrome OS devices with Chrome-upgrade.
  • Chrome OS WITHOUT Chrome-upgrade: The video is displayed on the screen, but without sound, even if sound is selected in the post.
  • Chrome browser without Chrome OS and kiosk mode: If you try to display video in a Chrome browser without Chrome OS and kiosk mode, you can change the playback permission manually. Open chrome://settings/content/sound in the browser and add the address,, which you want to be able to play audio on videos automatically, under "Allow". 

Feedback or questions?

Video is a big challenge. Uploading, converting, storing, publishing and playback together makes video a complicated process. If you experience any challenges along the way, please contact us with your feedback and questions at