Duplicate posts 📑

You can save a copy of a post, that you can continue editing in. This is something we recommend if you for example:

  • Have posts that are repeated with slightly different content, such as week-schedules and such plans.
  • want several posts with similar layout for instance "Text & image"-posts, where you by duplicating posts can keep the same image- and text-size for your posts.
  • want to display the same content on several screens, but with different positioning on the screen, different duration or with different scheduling. 

PinToMind Classic

In PinToMind Classic you can create a copy of a post, by changing to "duplicate" in the drop down list to the right of the Save-button, and then click the Save-button.

When you duplicate a post, you will be sent to a copy of the post, which you can edit and save. The new post automatically gets "(copy)" in the title, so it is easy to see that you are editing a new post.

Questions? Contact us at support@pintomind.com!