Time-counter ⏱

The Time-counter is the post for e.g. looking forward to something or informing about how long it has been since a particular event.

Countdown - 10, 9, 8, 7 ... 🎉

Set a time that you are counting down to, for instance a trip, opening of a new facility or something that you are looking forward to.

The public screen will display how long time is left until this time. When the time is reached, you can decide if you want it to continue or stop the counting.

Count up - 1, 2, 3 ... 🙌🏼

Set a time that you want to count up from, for instance you can count up the amount of days since last unwanted episode.

This post type has several option for how many details to be displayed, if you only want to display days, and if you want to display the date that you are counting down to or up from. 

💡Schedule the time-counter 

It can be a good idea to put a schedule on this post, so that it is not displayed when it is no longer relevant.

Time-counter on accounts with users and screens in different timezones

The time in time-counter-posts will be displayed in the user's timezone. If users in different timezones manage the same post, the time will be displayed differently for them, because each user sees the time in his timezone.

Posts will be displayed at the same time for the time that you have selected for it to be displayed; if you eg. have selected for it to be displayed at 12 o'clock Stockholm-time (UTC+1), the post will be displayed from 11 o'clock in London-time (UTC+0).

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