Invited to PinToMind? Welcome!

👋 Are you invited by someone to use PinToMind? Welcome! We would like to help you get started! 😃

What is PinToMind?

PinToMind is a web based software is a web-based software for managing and displaying info on digital notice boards. đŸ–Ĩī¸âœ¨

You can publish and edit the content in a browser, anywhere where you have access to internet. After logging in, you have access no matter if you are on your phone, a tablet or a PC. 


Here, on our support pages, you will find lots of help and tips for using PinToMind 🔎

If you can't find what you're looking for, we'll be happy to answer your questions! Contact us at and you will hear from us shortly! 😊

Posts, channels and screens

ℹī¸ In short: Posts are the content that is published to channels, that are displayed on physical screens.

(If you are invited to a PinToMind account that still uses the old version, PinToMind Classic, channels are called "Screens", and the physical screens are called "Devices".)

  • The digital notice boards consists of posts that scroll on the screen. You can display many types of posts i several areas, at the same time. Log in and click on "New post" to see and create all our post-types. Of course, you can preview everything you create before publishing. 👀

    Tips on the post-types, and info on how to manage posts and test the possibilities can be found here.

  • A channel is a collection of posts that is displayed on your screen. You can display one channel on several physical screens. Each channel can have its own layout and theme.

    You can place your posts in different areas on different channels, and on each channel you can easily change the order and placement of posts. You can also easily change which channel is displayed on your physical screen. Find more information about channels, layout and theme here.

  • The screens are the physical devices you use to display your screen content (channels) on.

    👉 Find info about the hardware we recommend here.

    👉 Guide for starting the screen display is found here.

    👉 In the Hardware category on our support pages, you will find a number of help articles related to devices from various suppliers.

Good luck with the administration of PinToMind, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 😊