Screen timezones 🕐🕔

Do you have screens in different timezones? PinToMind can be used all over the world, and you can select timezones for both screens and users.

Automatically where you are 

When you start an account, we automatically set the timezone for the account. Screens and users inherit this timezone. If everything is within the same timezone, you do not have to change anything in settings.

Select timezone for screen

If you have a screen which is outside of the "home-timezone", you can easily change the timezone for this screen. Do this under the menu-option "Screens" -> "Settings" for the screen you want to change. When you have done this, the screen will display time (and date) for the selected timezone.

Scheduling across timezones

Scheduling is possible across timezones. The option to select timezone is only visible if there are screens and users in different timezones on the account.

Posts will be displayed at the same time for the time that you have selected for it to be displayed; if you have selected for it to be displayed at 12 o'clock Stockholm-time (UTC+1), the post will be displayed from 11 o'clock in London-time (UTC+0).