Two-factor Authentication 2FA

Strengthen the security around your account by using two-factor authentication.

This can be used for both PinToMind Classic and PinToMind 3.

Get started with two-factor authentication

By going to "Menu" -> "Me" on your PinToMind-account, you can start using two-factor authentication.

Choose to activate the two-factor authentication you want to use:

  • Code from authenticatior app

    Download an authenticatior app, for example from Microsoft or Google, and follow the guide for connecting between this and your PinToMind-account.

  • Codes for recovery

    Download codes for recovery and save these in a safe place. They can be good to have if you for example to not have access to the device where you have your authentication app.

  • Code via SMS

    Enter your phone number to receive an authentication code as an SMS to your phone. This can be a good backup to have if one looses access to the other ways to authenticate oneself.

  • E-mail when logging in on a new device 

    An additional security with an email notification whenever someone logs in with your user on a new device.

How does it work?

When you log in on a new device, you will have to enter a code from the place where you have chosen to receive or save codes for this. This increases the security regarding access to your account substantially.

Trouble with two-factor authentication

If you do not manage to log in, or do not manage to change your two-factor authentication, you can contact us at, and we will try to help you.

In cases like that, we will have to ask to see documentation proving who you are, so that we can be totally sure that neither you nor we get socially hacked. Documentation can be a scanned ID-card, driver's license etc.

Recovery can take several days. The purpose of two-factor authentication is to protect your account against unauthorized access and attacks, and therefore we have to make a priority of security over easy recovery of access.