PinToMind Classic ➡️ PinToMind 3

How nice that you, our dear PinToMind-customer, want to join us from Classic and over to PinToMind 3! 🤩

🏆 PinToMind 3 has exactly the same price as PinToMind Classic, but with many more options, improved functionality and new post types.

It will require a little work on your part in the transition, but we are convinced that you can do it, and that it is worth it! 💪 Below we have prepared a list that can help you keep track of what needs to be done.

📽️ At the bottom you will also find a video where we show you all this.

✨🚀 You can also discover the possibilities with PinToMind 3 by joining us for a Webinar!

Move the account from PinToMind Classic to PinToMind 3

  1. The contact person on the account starts the transition by going to "Menu" -> "Go to PinToMind 3". If you as a user do not have rights to start the transition, you are informed to contact the account owner/contact person.

  2. Create channels for your screens. "Screens" become"Channels" in PinToMind 3. 😊 A channel can be displayed on several physical devices. Go to "Channels" in the menu on the left, and click on "+ New Channel". Create a channel for each "content-channel" or "post-list" you want to have.

    It is very easy to change which channel is displayed on a device. There are several exciting layout-possibilities, and you can easily change this later as well. Instead of main-area, sidebar and footer, there are now different "areas"  for the screen, and therefore many more possibilities. ✨

  3. Import images and resources from Classic. 💫 Go to "Transfer from Classic" in the left menu, and select the resources and images you want of available content from Classic. You can transfer images, news feeds, calendars and more resources, which can be used and reused in new posts in PinToMind 3.

  4. Create posts that you publish to your channels. Go to "Posts" in the menu to the left, and click on "New post" in the upper right corner. Here you can bring out the resources you transferred above. Here you can read about how to create a new post in PinToMind 3. Much is the same as in Classic, but there are also some new things. When you have added the content you want to have in the post, you select which channels you want it displayed on, and you can also select which area you want it displayed in on the different channels.

    You can see that there are new post types, and more options here for priority (also for down-prioritizing!) and that it has become even easier to add an end-date in scheduling. 👌

  5. If you want to give access to other users to also test PinToMind 3, you go to "Account" in the left menu in PinToMind 3. There you click on "Users" and assign roles which gives them access to this.

  6. Start the display on your devices, on PinToMind 3. In order to start the display of your screens in PinToMind 3. you do the following, provided that your screens are already displayed in PinToMind Player, or live-display in Classic:
  • Go to PinToMind 3, and select "Transfer from Classic" in the left menu.
  • Select "Devices" and transfer the physical devices, one by one.
In the list of devices, you will find information if something needs to be done with the hardware before it is possible to transfer the device. See more info on the following links if the device requires action or needs to be started with a secure connection .
  • Give the connected screen a separate name, e.g. the screen location. (If you don't change the name, it will be given a random name, such as Gifted Salmon, by the system.)
  • Choose the #Channel you want to display on this device, and click "Transfer now".
  • The device from Classic will now become a Screen in 3, and you will find it under "Screens" in the menu on the left.

And then, stand back for a moment, and enjoy the sight of your new great looking digital notice board! 🌟 Well done! 👏🙌

The support pages for PinToMind 3 is found at:

Go back to Classic

Classic will continue to work exactly as before for the foreseeable future, and you can easily switch between the various versions until you are ready to move completely over to PinToMind 3.

Down in the sidebar on the left, you will find the option to return to Classic ⬅️.

Ready to use only PinToMind 3?

When you no longer need access to anything in PinToMind Classic, and all your images, resources and devices have been moved over, you can set PinToMind 3 to the permanent version on the account.

Go to "Account" and press the yellow button: "Make PinToMind 3 the permanent version".

Video: How to transfer from PinToMind 3 from PinToMind Classic

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