Push-notifications in PinToMind Go📱💬

Push-notifications allow you to send a notification to users of the PinToMind Go app informing them that something new has been published on the screen. A perfect way to share the information with those who are not near the physical information screen!

Send push-notifications

When you create a new post, you first decide which screens you want this displayed on, and afterwards you decide if you want to send out a push-notification for this post. 

If you select "Send push-notification", a notification will be sent out to all those who have subscribed to these screens in the Go-app, and who have chosen to receive such notifications. Those users will then be notified that something new is published, and can open the app to see the new post. 

Push-notification and scheduling

Posts with scheduling will send a push-notification when the post is scheduled to be displayed the first time. This means that if you create a post that is to be displayed starting tomorrow at noon, that is when the push-notification will be sent. 

Go directly to screen or post

When you open the notification, you can choose between two possibilites: "Go to screen" which takes you to the screen where the post was added, or "Go to post" which takes to directly to the new screen.

Not for all post-types

Push-notifications are only available for suitable post-types. This is to prevent confusion regarding for example calendar- or Facebook-posts, where one might expect a notification whenever something new is added to the calendar or Facebook-page. The possibility to send a push-notification is available in text-posts, image-posts (incl. image online), text&image-posts and YouTube-posts.


  • When saving, it will take about a minute before the push-notification will be sent out. If one regrets and deletes the post before the notifications is sent, it will all be deleted and nothing will be sent. 
  • If one later changes a post and wants to send out a new push-notification, one can send out a push-notification also for an existing post, by clicking "Send push-notification" and click "save" anew. 
  • If one subscribes to several screens in the Go-app, and the administrator clicks for sending push-notifications to several of these screens, one will still only receive one notification per post.

Why do I not receive push-notifications?

  • iOS: On iOS you will receive notifications if you have allowed for this in the app. If you have not allowed for push-notifications on your iOS-device, you can do this under "Settings" -> "Notifications" -> "PinToMind Go".
  • Android: If you do not receive push-notifications, you have to update the app to the newest version from Google Play Store. In addition, if you have not allowed for push-notifications on your Android-device, you can do this under "Settings" -> "Notifications, and select "PinToMind Go".