Promo-post 📱📢

A Promo-post is a way of telling students, staff and others in your organisation that it is possible to view the screen content directly on their smart phones, in the mobile app PinToMind Go.

The content is the same as on the screen, but with a customized design. 

How to create a Promo-post:

1. Go to Menu -> Screens. Click on the sharing code for the screen that you have shared in the mobile app PinToMind Go. 

If you have shared several screens in PinToMind Go, remember which screen you click on, as you will need this later in the process.

2. If you wish to change the sharing code for the screen, do this first, in the field for sharing code, and click to "change code". 

Then click to create a Promo-post.

3. Click to "Preview", to see how the Promo-post will look on your screen.

4. Now you need to remember which screen you chose to create a Promo-post for, as this is the time to choose to display the post on the screen, and then "Save".

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