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PinToMind 3

ℹ️ SCREENS become CHANNELS in PinToMind 3. 

A channel is a collection of posts to display on your digital bulletin board. You can display one channel on several physical displays (devices), and you can easily and immediately change which channel is displayed on your connected device.

When you have several channels registered on your account, you can choose to display some of the same and some different content on the different channels. When you create or edit a post, you can easily select which channel(s) to publish it to.

Add a new channel

  1. In order to add a new channel, go to "Channels" in the left menu-bar and click on "+ New channel". (You can also click on "# Channels" and then on "+ New Channel".)
  2. Select a base as your starting point; landscape/portrait screen with different screen areas.
  3. Enter the name of your new channel.
  4. Make choices in layout and theme for how you want the channel to look. Select language and time zone.

    Settings for the channel* can also be made at a later stage, and can be changed at any time.

  5. Click Save.

*Settings for channel

When the channel is created, you can under ⚙️ for the channel select:

  • Which layout and which areas the channel is to have. Our great layouts have either one or several areas for posts, and some have their own areas for date and time, and logo.
  • Which theme the channel is to have. The theme gives the channel a holistic and professional expression, and can be customized. You can also create a new theme.
  • Language and timezone for the channel.
  • Click on the mobile-icon 📱 in order to share the channel to the mobile app, PinToMind Go.

PinToMind Classic

In order to easily distinguish the physical screens/devices from each other, we recommend that you create one screen in the system ("Menu" - "Screens") per physical device, and give them appropriate names, e.g. the physical location of the screen.

When you have more than one screen registered in the account, under menu option "Screens", you can choose to display both identical and different information on the different screens. When creating or editing a post, you can easily see which screen or screens you want to display the post on.

Add a screen

To add a screen, you go to the menu-option "Screens".

Under "Screens", you add a screen by entering the name and creating this one. It can be a good idea to copy posts and settings from another screen, so that you have something to start with. You can edit this afterwards too.

Do you have enough screen licenses?

To add a new screen, you have to have a subscription that allows for this. During your free trial, you can have an unlimited amount of screens, but after activating your account, you can only have as many screens as your price plan says.

If you need to upgrade your account to add more screens licenses, go to the menu-option "Settings" and choose a suitable account. Alternatively, add more screens to the price plans, FLEXI, LARGE or VOLUNTEER.

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