Signal splitter 🔀

The number of screens you pay for indicates on how many physical screens you can display content from PinToMind at the same time.

However, it is permitted to use a signal splitter so that the same screen signal is displayed on up to 3 screens, without having to pay extra if the screens are located no more than 5 meters apart.

This can be used to achieve special effect, visibility from multiple angles, or to provide individual displays.

Examples may be:

  • Display on several sides of a screen pillar. 
  • In an entrance where you want to show the information both on the way in and out of the area
  • To provide individual displays at a front desk, training center or similar, where you have screens next to each other showing the same content.

The number of 3 screens and 5 meters is non-negotiable and this is only allowed if there is a physical signal splitter on the screen cable. This does not allow you to display the same screen content (same url) in multiple locations, even if the distance between the screens is 5 meters or less.

We also have a special license for those who want to distribute the same content to many screens. More information here.

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