Screen layout and settings πŸ–₯✨

You can adjust the layout so that your screens get your customized look. When you are happy with the layout of one screen, it is easy to copy this to other screens. 

Adjust screen layout, logotype and background

When you create an account, we create the first screen for you and give it our default layout. Select "Settings" under the menu-option  "Screens" to edit how the screen will look.

You can choose one of the background images available in settings, and you can also upload your own background image.

Change the name of the screen

Under "Settings" for each screen you will find the option to change the name of the screen. Enter a new name and press save.

Select screen language

You can change the language displayed on the screen, at the bottom of the page for screen settings. Remember to click SAVE.

Select screen time zone

PinToMind can be used worldwide, and you can have screens in multiple time zones. If you have a screen which is outside of the "home-timezone", you can easily change the time zone for this screen. Do this under the menu-option "Screens" -> "Settings" for the screen you want to change. When you have done this, the screen will display time (and date) for the selected time zone.

Customize standard screen preview format

Under menu item "Screens" -> "Settings" for the screen, you can set the preview format for each screen. Choose portrait or landscape, and 16:9, 21:9 or customize the preview to your own screen size by pressing β€œCustom” and entering size.

Copy layout to other screens

When you have created a layout for one screen, you can copy and this to other screens easily. Copy layout between screens in the list of screens. Under your list of screens you find the possibility to copy layout between screens. Select which screen you want to copy from, and which screen(s) you want to copy to.

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